“LEOLED” is the new name in the world of light-emitting-diode technologies. Collecting experience and possibilities of oversea producers, our specialists are develop the highly technological line of modern and economic light-emitting-diode illumination. Realizing responsibility before users the complete cycle of production was organized in Ukraine, that allows quickly and high-quality to execute all wishes of customer, in relation to light-emitting-diode illumination, and also to carry out in the earliest possible dates a guarantee and after guarantee service.

Advantages of light-emitting-diode before other sources illumination are not a novelty. Will make attempt analyse the basic lines of light-emitting-diode lamps and lamps.

Cost. By a basic factor which stops an user from the mass use of light-emitting-diode illumination usually there is a price. For large enterprises here and there heavily to «tear» up from a general turn a money for modernization of illumination. Exactly for overcoming of such phenomenon our enterprise was the developed program of rozterminuvannya, due to which an user pays for the already set light-emitting-diode illumination during the term of recoupment of lamps and lamps due to economized electric power.

Ecofriendlyness. All producers of LED lamps as one talk about ecofriendlyness of their products. At the same time most LED lamps are made in plastic corps which usually not passed sanitary epidemiology researches . The corps of lamps of LEOLED is made from glass which above all things improves a carrying capacity and stops UV radiation.
Remoteness of production. Most LED lamps, presented at the market of Ukraine of the Chinese production, that salesman amounts limited in suggestion and colour temperature of lamps. Our enterprise, having a production in Ukraine, can provide user products in the earliest possible dates, and also guarantee rapid guarantee and after-guarantee service.

  • Advantages.
  • Economy .
  • Underpowers.
  • Longevity.
  • Minimum running expenses.
  • High mechanical durability.
  • Low starting currents.
  • Instantaneous including.
  • Absence of stroboscopical effect.
  • High level of transmission of color.
  • Effective work is at negative temperatures.
  • Safety.
  • Ecological safety.
  • Possibility of adjusting of light stream.